HTML Programming
HTML is still the language of the web, and we speak it fluently. We can quickly and efficiently apply the necessary codes to turn your raw text and art into a full-fledged web site.

Your message will be stronger and clearer when handled by our editorial process. We can fine-tune any text you provide or write it all for you. Graphics may provide flash, but written content is the heart of your communication. Poorly worded text and typos leave you looking sloppy and incompetent. We'll ensure your message is interesting, effective and error-free.

Publishing and Hosting
WebDunnRight can register your domain name and upload your site with one of our major hosting service providers, unless you have a preference. The rates among hosts vary with the services they offer, but most good ground floor plans run about $10 - $28/month. We can explain the differences in hosting services during our free consultation period.

We can secure your domain name, set up your hosting package, and administer your site from scratch! Remember, these fees are not included in the $40/hour rate, but will be necessary if you wish to have your own domain name (costs vary, average $15-$30 per year) and hosting (we can set this up for you for $120 for a year, unlimited access, FTP transfer or FrontPage extensions, 500 POP e-mail accounts, statistical reporting and more!). Make sure you review our rates page for more information.

Virtual Tours - Panorama Photos
WebDunnRight can help your business by setting up virtual tours to show your customers what you offer. At WebDunnRight we can get the shot and use it to promote your business! We have the tools and experience in getting you exposed to those who are looking for your expertise, so look to us for virtual tours, panoramic photography and ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Site Maintenance
WebDunnRight will help you maintain your site. Maintenance packages are convenient, and some companies will charge you per month for this service. At WebDunnRight we only charge you when you make a request for a change. So your costs are dependant on how much content you wish to add to or delete from your site and how often these changes are needed. Remember, our strength is getting you to maintain / update your own site and we want to assist you in reaching this goal!

Site Promotion
The most important thing! The best site in the world just wastes cyberspace if no one knows it is there. Besides design, WebDunnRight basic strengths reside in marketing and promotion. Let us use our expertise in these fields to help you properly promote your site and increase its effectiveness. Get your site in front of your paying customers and keep it there. After all, your site is about making you known to your customer. We can empower your web presence!

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